Rito has the requisite knowledge, capability and capacity to deliver value-driven, sponsorship management solutions to a variety of sectors. Its team understands that corporate and brand sponsorship is a business relationship in which two or more entities exchange things of value. This value can be financial, in-kind, visibility/exposure or publicity. Rito understands that sponsorship should not be confused with donations (philanthropy), advertising or other innovative, approaches to purchasing goods and services.

Rito also appreciates that corporate sponsorship is a very competitive domain. Therefore, it uses a methodology that ensures mutual benefit for all parties concerned by collating and synthesising relevant business information and translating this into brand equity enhancing solutions.

Rito’s seven-step approach to sponsorship management:

  1. Analysis: researching client’s needs, market and potential partners.
  2. Setting partnering objectives, parameters and guidelines in consultation with clients.
  3. Identifying partnering opportunities and exchange values in ways that are equitable.
  4. Seeking and selecting partners that fit each other’s values and visions.
  5. Developing and negotiating agreements that are fair and have the long-term needs of both parties in mind, thereby allowing for sustainable relationships.
  6. Managing the relationship directly and indirectly as the need arises.
  7. Monitoring progress and measuring success of agreements in order to report back to clients on deliverables and to remain accountable.

Projects we have successfully delivered: