Our team of designers will help you create a memorable first impression for your company, enhance your current look and ensure that you are always proud of your image.

The design and development of a brand management programme requires an interrogation of the entire brand strategy and especially the desired positioning of the company.

Any brand management process requires a long-term commitment to a clearly defined identity and positioning programme.
This is well expressed in the:
1. Brand Strategy
2. Integrated Marketing
3. Communications Solution
4. Corporate Identity Manual

Phases of developing corporate identity:

The analysis phase provides sufficient data to enable us to craft an identity that is aligned with our client’s:
• Brand vision
• Brand mission
• Brand valuesand
• Brand business philosophy

We understand the following principles:

  • Corporate Identity forms an organisation’s identity
  • Corporate Identity revitalises an existing business
  • Corporate Identity creates excitement about an existing service
  • Corporate Identity builds a sense of trust in a company
  • Corporate Identity unifies a company with many separate divisions and stakeholders
  • Corporate Identity communicates an organisation’s market/ industry position
  • Corporate Identity prepares a company to go public
  • Corporate Identity ensures consistency
  • Corporate Identity promotes awareness

Projects we have successfully delivered: