Rito Service Offering

We offer a range of world-class services.
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Rito Consulting Services

We offer integrated communications strategy design and implementation services. Our team of consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience across the full marketing communication spectrum. With the advent of social media, we have included this as an integral part of all our solutions.

Rito Event Management Services

Events say a lot about a company’s business, credibility and the relationship it wishes to build with its targeted stakeholders. The requisite detail, effort, creativity and passion to make for an efficient event - including conceptualisation, execution and management - are massive.

Rito Special Projects

Rito has the capability and capacity to deploy experienced consultants who deliver project management services on behalf of clients for existing and new communications projects. >> Read more

Rito Sponsorship Management

Corporate or brand sponsorship is well entrenched as a tactic for organisations to increase their financial resources and to enhance brand equity. This relationship needs to be carefully managed such that all parties gain equally in order to build sustainable partnerships.